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Want to have your voice heard?

Shortlisting  21st May
see below for theme details.

Our Theme
Now, or Never.
Now, or Never.
Now, or Never.
WHAT ? ✦ ✦ ✧

The theme now or never focuses on the value of time, more specifically the present time. Our theme adopts the carpe diem mentality, we are looking for speakers that will bring a sense of urgency to their speech. Now or never is up for interpretation and so it can cover a variety of topics, this leaves the subject of the speech very open. While there is more freedom to choose an idea, it needs to have the NOW or never.

Why does this idea need to be talked about?

Why is it important that it’s talked about NOW?

If you have something urgent to say, consider applying to be one of our speakers! :)

For any questions please email us at

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