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Interested? Come join us on the 23rd August:
Tickets on NOW:

SCHEDULE released NOW.

See our event schedule for the night! See you all there :)

Our Theme

Join us for a mind-broadening journey unlike any other at our upcoming TEDxYouth@Paparangi event, where ideas worth spreading come to life! TEDx, an independently organized version of the renowned TED conferences, brings together young innovators, thinkers, and change-makers from all different backgrounds under one roof. Be inspired by rangatahi across Aotearoa as they speak on issues that they are passionate about. Be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with contagious energy, where groundbreaking concepts and awe-inspiring stories take center stage. At a TEDx event, you'll encounter a fusion of brilliant speakers who will ignite your imagination and challenge your perspectives. Each speaker embodies the essence of pushing boundaries and daring to imagine a brighter future.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to get yourself caught in a whirlwind of inspiration, enlightenment, and empowerment. Come to our TEDx event and discover what happens when ideas, passion, and curiosity collide. Prepare to be captivated, uplifted, and transformed as you hear our leaders of today and tomorrow present you with fresh perspectives on what this year's theme 'Now or Never' means to them. The world of TEDx eagerly awaits your presence—let's embark on this transformative adventure together! You'll walk away from the TEDx experience with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with actionable insights and fresh perspectives to apply to your own life and work. Join us as we unlock the door to endless possibilities, and dive headfirst into the world of ideas and innovation that TEDx offers. Buy tickets from July 24th!

Now, or Never.
Now, or Never.
Now, or Never.

Our theme 'Now or Never' centrally focuses on the value of time, and the bold use of this saying gives our theme a sense of urgency. Our theme is a continuation of the carpe diem mentality, seizing the day. With these ideas floating around though, our theme is also up for interpretation - it's an umbrella theme that covers a variety of topics. 'Now or Never' implies a risk, in using the word NEVER there is a chance that unless the chosen subject is talked about immediately, it risks never being brought to attention. It refers to chance, and how this is the one chance to speak. Speak NOW or risk NEVER being heard. 

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